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Relevance is the single most important factor in effective search engine optimization.

search engine optimization Atlanta GAAlthough increased traffic boosts potential leads, it is the quality of traffic that truly matters.  Atlanta Marketing & Design’s search engine optimization consultants design SEO programs that attract targeted sets of searchers who are interested in the products and services that your company has to offer.


Atlanta Marketing & Design’s team of SEO experts

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing team focuses on improving on-page and off-site factors that turn casual searchers into devoted customers, generating conversions and increasing profitability. Our SEO services are based upon four factors that have been proven to produce quality leads for companies in all industries.

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Four Factors Produce Quality Leads

Relevant Keywords – The terms that you use to describe your company are not necessarily the terms that are most effective for drawing qualified leads to your website. Utilizing a variety of research tools, Atlanta Marketing & Design’s SEO experts analyze the keywords that searchers use to find your company and similar businesses, optimizing your metadata and website copy to ensure that searchers find your website instead of your competition's.

Persuasive, Relevant Copy – Selecting the right keywords can be effective for attracting qualified SEO Copywriting Atlanta GAtraffic but may not be enough to keep searchers on your site, leading to high bounce rates and fewer conversions.  Atlanta Marketing & Design’s copywriters create custom search engine-optimized copy featuring keyword-rich descriptions and enticing calls-to-action that motivate users to buy your products or services. 

Related Links – Links from trustworthy and industry-relevant websites lend credibility to your company’s website, a key factor for elevating your search engine rankings.  Leveraging its relationships and industry knowledge, Atlanta Marketing & Design can help your company obtain valuable links from websites, social media sites, and directories related to your company’s areas of expertise, increasing your rankings and online presence. 

Optimized Off-Page Elements – As a professional search engine optimization company, Atlanta Marketing & Design delves past what is visible on screen, analyzing off-page factors that are key elements of search engine ranking algorithms.  Our optimization process refines filenames, headings, alt and meta tags and other components of your site to improve your website’s positioning on search engine results pages.