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Website Analysis

A comprehensive website analysis is the first step for improving search engine rankings.

Atlanta Marketing & Design examines your site thoroughly, identifying and helping you correct factors that inhibit crawling by search engines, including improper use of Flash, bloating HTML text with javascript, keyword placement errors and server issues. 

Our website analysts also compile baseline statistics about searcher behavior, educating you about which search engines, directories, keywords or ads direct the most traffic to your site.  These baseline statistics are later used to measure the efficacy of our search engine optimization efforts and provide detailed reports of site performance improvements.

Competitive Analysis

Each entry on search engine results pages represents a potential landing page for searchers. Understanding what your competitors have to offer and jumping ahead of them in search engine rankings is therefore essential for increasing your market share.  Atlanta Marketing & Design performs ongoing detailed search engine analyses of your competitors’ websites, identifying their keywords, phrases, link patterns, keyword distribution and meta elements.  Leveraging this information, our team will help you to modify your website in order to exceed your competitor’s rankings, boost sales, and improve your ROI.

Baseline Statistics

When Atlanta Marketing & Design conducts SEO on existing websites, we gather baseline statistics before we make any SEO additions or changes. We later compare these baseline statistics with later statistics to measure the results of our efforts. Statistics are important to measure where your visitors are coming from (e.g., which search engine, directory, keyword, advertisement) and let you know which of your efforts are paying off.


Conversion Analysis

Encouraging searchers to click on the link to your company’s competitive analysis atlanta gasite instead of others on search engine results pages is not enough to be successful in the online world.

Conversions are the ultimate goal of any company’s website.  Atlanta Marketing & Design’s team of website analysts consistently monitor metrics such as conversion rate, average order value, average cost per conversion, and lead volume, optimizing your website to help you increase revenue and maximize profits.

Return-on-Investment Analysis

ROI is the definitive metric for determining the level of success of any optimization effort. Atlanta Marketing & Design uses the most advanced analytics tools to test, measure and optimize your paid search campaign to generate the highest return on investment possible, significantly improving your bottom line.


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